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Vocal Music Audition

To audition for Vocal Music, fill out the BAA application by the deadline on January 26, 2024. We highly suggest students attend the Audition Workshop in November to help prepare for their audition submission. More information on the workshop can be found HERE.

Vocal Audition Requirements

Please watch this Vocal Music Audition Tutorial Video prior to attending the auditions.

You must also prepare an additional required piece from one of the following three selections:

  1. “America, the Beautiful” (Simple Version or Ray Charles & Alicia Keys Version)

  2. “Amazing Grace” (Simple Version or Celine Dion Version)

  3. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” (Simple Version or Robert Robinson Version)

All songs must be performed a cappella. This means no use of instrumental accompaniment or pre-recorded instrumental tracks may be used.

You may also sing one song of your choosing that best represents your voice.  This song can be from any genre of music. We suggest a song from the Gospel, classical, musical theater, folk songs, R&B, or Pop Genres. 

Judging Criteria

Vocal Music Auditions are evaluated on the following:

  • Pitch recognition (ability to remember and sing back pitches played from the piano with accuracy)

  • Rhythm Recognition (ability to remember and sing/clap back rhythms played with accuracy)

  • Vocal technique

  • Voice range, voice development, control across ranges (Head and Chest Voice)

  • Quality of tone production

  • Ability to sing in tune and with some level of musicality

  • Aptitude and attitude toward learning a wide range of music, including classical

  • Ability to work and take risks

Click here to view the full rubric used during Vocal Music Auditions.


After attending and completing the initial audition, you may be invited to attend a callback. Receiving a callback does not mean that a decision on admission has been made, it simply means the panel wants to see you one more time before coming to a final decision.

Vocal music callbacks include vocal technique and aural assessments that consist of short pitch memory, short rhythm memory and technical ability exercises.

If you have questions about the audition process, please contact:

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