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Yuder Luis Mezerene Aldi

Yuder was born in Cuba and moved to Boston when he was 9. He is a Theatre Major with a concentration in Film.

"I started filming and practicing photography when COVID started. I took that time to learn instead of being bored, and found passion for cameras and taking photos. I used the time to explore creative fields. I began shooting plants, and then started going out and taking pictures of people."

After seeing his portfolio of work as a photographer, clients invited him to help produce music videos. He consequently started watching YouTube on how to improve his skills.

Where do you hope to see yourself someday?

"I feel like I'm right where I want to be."

What are your outside-of-school projects?

Recently, Yuder worked with candidate MA Secretary of State Tanisha Sullivan. He had the opportunity to shadow her work during the campaign.   

In addition, he worked on a project with Pedro Martinez called The Feast of 45 where 45 chefs came to Fenway Park to showcase their dishes. 

Yuder is also working on a documentary which is a project that stemmed from his interest in car racing. The angle of his documentary focuses on females in the car community and their experiences in a male-dominated sport. He is hoping his work will shed light on gender roles in our world.

What are three words you would use to describe BAA?

"Creative, adaptive, and passionate."


"I just love to see the creativity that everyone around me has. There are multiple artistic majors at BAA, and we also have a diverse group of students that are from various backgrounds."


"With classes held online during the pandemic, everyone had to adapt quickly to learning in a new setting, and we also needed to adapt the way we showed our art digitally. "


"BAA's students and teachers are passionate. They are dedicated to their classes, goals, and becoming better in their craft and academics."

How has BAA made an impact on you?

For Yuder, BAA introduced him to the aspects of film that he loved and wanted to learn more about, such as different types of compositions and story structures.

"I would have never known about that stuff without my mentor and teacher, Mr. ADEkoje."

BAA gave him the opportunity to try different art majors.

"I love having that opportunity to follow new interests. I now have tools to feel confident pursuing any passion beyond BAA."

What are you looking forward to in the new school year and new building?

"What I’m most excited about next year in the new building is the new equipment, the location, and the open space with natural light. I can’t wait to use all the tech, and expand my creative journey with it. I love Fenway, love how it is close to everything location-wise for filming. Also not take it for granted, there are people out there that deserve all this new technology and a modern building as much as we do."

Yuder's Photography

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