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Author Matt de la Peña Visits BAA

We had the pleasure of hearing what it means to be an author and set yourself apart no matter your lane.

In Matt's case, we see a multicultural sports fan with a past of unique experiences that lead him to create numerous books and screen adaptations. Matt spoke frankly with our students about the very real gripes writers can face while they attempt to create a fleshed-out story from just an idea. Grappling with his unique challenges growing up, he provided pertinent strategies to deal with the ever-present obstacles a writer can face. Some include: locking yourself away from distractions, being ok with ideas that don't have a perfect ending- instead using them as inspiration for something else. Matt believes that in art, the people to appreciate your work are actually forgiving you. That forgiveness is an unknowing acceptance between the author and the project. The grandiose idea you once had in your head is not what the product consequentially becomes.

Thank you so much for your time Matt!

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