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Weekly Bulletin -May 9th

Good Evening, Boston Arts Academy Families,

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Good evening, Boston Arts Academy Families. 

This bulletin contains an announcement for everyone about a five-week plan to begin a healing process that reminds us that This is Who We Are (a reference to our school song). We are calling this "The Great Revival." We invite you to join the movement!

I also ask that everyone review the upcoming dates that are in this bulletin. The spring is a busy, exciting season at Boston Arts Academy, with many performances, MCAS, deadlines, etc. We look forward to supporting students to a successful conclusion of the school year.


Have a great week!

Dear BAA Community,

Student Government, Emerging Leaders, Health and Wellness, and Administration have been working on a five-week plan to address students' concerns about the current school climate in hopes of beginning a healing process that reminds us that This is Who We Are. We are calling this the Great Revival. The plan includes, but is not limited to, Mediation throughout the month, Voices Amplified campaign, an upcoming School Assembly, This is Who We are Week, Special BAA merch, Real Talk with Dr. A every Wednesday, Day of Arts Motivation, and Self Expression, Day of Circles, and a Social Media Campain. All students and adults in our community are welcome and encouraged to join us and participate directly in the healing. Anyone and everyone who is interested please reach out to

Thank You,

Dr. A

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