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Weekly Bulletin: November 1 - November 5, 2021

Message from BAA Head of School, Ms. Clark

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Good Evening, Boston Arts Academy Families,

Congratulations to all our seniors and awardees from our step-up celebration! We will be posting pictures on social media in the upcoming days, and we have shared the key announcements that were made in the assembly in this bulletin.

As we enter November, I want to take this opportunity to remind the community that the end of term is coming up on Monday, November 8th. This week, therefore, is a good week to make sure that you are caught up on all assignments and you are completing all revisions. I know our juniors and seniors understand why all their grades matter when they're applying to college. But I want to make sure that our freshmen and sophomores realize that the grades they receive, including the grades they receive in 9th grade and 10th grade, become part of their high school record and their GPA or Grade Point Average. Many colleges have a minimum GPA requirement. Freshmen and sophomores may think of themselves as very far away from applying to college, but the grades they receive now really matter.

I have talked to several seniors, and several graduates, who have shared that they wished they focused more on their achievement earlier in their experience at BAA. I think the week before the term ends is a good week for all of our students to have that in mind.

Have a great week!

Head of School

Boston Arts Academy

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